Sauntering Into The Next Decade...

I'm all about being real and I would be completely full of shit if I told you I wasn't freaked out to leave my twenties. It's just that they were SO GOOD. So good I could tear up. I'll spare you that. I spent this entire decade with my beyond words amazing Husband. We got married, traveled a ton, made the best memories, started and grew our photography company, bought our forever home, and welcomed Theo Shane. I keep hearing your thirties are your best years so I look forward to what they bring.

In honor of thirty, staying true to my list making, I'm sharing five things that I've learned in my twenties and five resolutions that I'm taking with me into the next decade.


Live and Learn

Roll with the punches.

Anything worth doing is worth over doing.

Live every day with an open mind.

Always remember little ones are watching you. Be a good role model. You never know who you are inspiring. 

You have to be you and not care what others think. You're you for a reason. And if you don't like you then no one else with either. 

I Resolve to...

Drop anything that I don't love, that doesn't make my soul happy, or brings me negative energy. 

Be a good Mom and human.

Focus on being graceful, not "perfect".

Not be so hard on myself.

To constantly learn new things and be as worldly as possible.