Friday With A Twist

I started the week with a lemon in my water and ending it with a lemon in my drink! Spring is so close (I can't see you snow) and the smell of fresh cut lemons just reminds me of that fact. 

It's no secret that I love fancy. Add fancy to a drink and I'm all over it! For today's Martini Moment, I'm showing you how to fancy up your drink and make a fast and easy twist. Along with a super delicious Lemon Drop recipe. Because this is how a Friday should be celebrated. With a fancy drink in hand.


Step 1: Get a lemon. See? Easy already.


Step 2: Cut off the ends of the lemon.


So it looks like this:


Step 3: Using a bar spoon or knife (I ended up using both) hollow out the lemon. 


Step 4: Roll up your lemon skin. Keep in mind some are more thick than others.


Step 5: Cut your rolled lemon peel into whatever size twist you want. 


Fill a shaker about half with ice, throw everything in minus the rim sugar. Shake until your teaspoon of sugar is dissolved. Before pouring take a lemon around your rim and dip in sugar. Then pour in your shaker of goodness. Add your twist and sip!

Quick tip: if you like a sweeter drink add more sugar and a little less lemon juice.

Cheers, and have a fabulous weekend!