Know The Lingo

Something that I am always striving to do is learn more. So as I've said my Martini Moment is all about learning and sharing something that I have learned throughout the week. Like many, I love fashion and everything that comes with it. But sometimes I will catch myself reading Vogue or a cool fashion blog and I'm like what does that word mean or I've never thought of that.


For today, I give you three fashion terms that are commonly used but maybe you didn't know quite what it meant. I even did a little shopping for you.

-Boiled Wool

I've heard this term before and never really knew exactly what it meant. It is fabric that is processed to be more dense and compact. Like a wool hat.

Find this at  Zara

Find this at Zara


I think I see a DIY in my near future. It's an ornate shoulder piece usually on a military jacket. Here is an example:


-Dirndl Skirt 


Yea, I had no idea. But it's a fancy term for a full skirt that fits tight at the waist.  

Here is a fabulous one from  Forever21

Here is a fabulous one from Forever21

The best way to start a weekend is feeling enlightened and maybe even shopping!  

Have a martini and a wonderful weekend! xoxo