Martini Moment!

Friday's are for martinis! 

Now, usually I am an avid wine drinker but oh how I love the art of a perfect martini. At one point I was a bartender and I can honestly say I learned so much about drink making and really came to appreciate a well done martini. Also what isn't better with a drink in hand?

On Friday evenings I will share something new I learned from the week.

A list of things you'll always have: taxes, bills, and LAUNDRY. I mean don't we have enough to think about other than when things get washed? No worries. I've made a cheat sheet. Honestly I never really knew exactly when to wash certain things like jeans.

So here it is:

When To Wash Fast Fash.png




Obviously you're going to be spending your weekend catching up on laundry right? Kidding! But really I'm way behind.

Happy Weekend! xoxo