Starting in Spain

I am so excited to share our Mediterranean venture with all of you! Well how appropriate that today is National Coffee Day and what you are witnessing is the start of our trip and my new espresso obsession! We started our European vacation in Barcelona, Spain. From the friendly locals, to the amazing food we could have easily made this our only stop. We just had a blast exploring this fantastic city...

The "Foodie" in me did a happy dance this whole entire trip! Getting to sample the cuisine of so many different places is an absolute dream for me! Below, is yes, more espresso, but also sandwiches from a local café. I picked a daring choice which was sardines and Brie cheese and MK went with a yummy potato number. I'll tell you one thing, this girl loves a sandwich! A good sandwich is basically my favorite thing. Great news for me because Europe feels the same way as there is no end to the different variety of them!

This is the famous La Rambla. It is a famous pedestrian walkway where there are shops and more food! Its the perfect place to grab a drink and do some pretty cool people watching.

Even though MK has a beer in this photo, we both share the same favorite wine which is Rijoa from Spain. Any chance I got I was grabbing a glass of my favorite Vino in the region it was from.

Here we are at Park Güell a famous park that overlooks the city and was constructed by Gaudí, a well known architect in Spain. Remember when I posted many many months ago about loving to spin? Here I go again! This very Spanish dress from Boston Proper was perfect for dancing and spinning! One of my friends saw these photos and said "You're wearing flats?!" It was quite the ordeal for me finding flats I deemed worthy for our trip. These were dressy and for the most part ok for walking.

Lamb anyone? Peppers, corn, zucchini, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, arugula, taziki-like sauce, and even fries! This dish was so fresh and unique! We had very serious thoughts of ordering one more but showed a little restraint.

You can't go to Barcelona and not go to La Sagrada Familia! It was started in 1882 and is still being constructed. We went to the top of one of the towers and the view of Spain was amazing.

Breakfast on our second day, also Mk's Birthday, was this fancy creation. Pruchitto and a creamy cheese, it was crazy delicious, a meal I'd eat over and over again.   

A snack on the beach meant fresh fruit for me. MK chose this very Spanish dish. Do I actually know what it was? No. Do I regret my pick of fruit? Maybe only a little. My Prosecco? Never.

Every chance we had to stop and sample more food we were on it! I got a spinach and cheese Empanada that was so decadent and really hit the spot...for that moment.

Here we walk the streets of the Gothic District and I could only imagine the history here. I must say, Macaroons from the U.S. will never be the same after having them here! Can we talk about this incredibly adorable espresso cup?! I just love it!! 

This might look a little on the crazy side but this "meat in a cup" will forever live on in our house as it was divine! We regret not taking a photo of the window where this crazy cup came from because all you saw in this little shop was different kinds of meats and thank goodness, more sandwiches! The meat we have here is their highest grade of aged Salami. I have honestly never tasted anything like this!

Once, we arrived on our ship it was time for champagne and of course I smuggled some delicious sandwiches on! If you ask me I'd say MK had a heck of a great Birthday!

Cheers, to my absolutely amazing Best Friend, Partner in Crime, and Husband. I couldn't ask for anything more.

All dolled up and headed to dinner. Our Next stop is Marcelles, France! Stay tuned...