When I asked MK for a hint about where we were going on our trip he said "Great Food!" Well that could really be anywhere but once we got to New Orleans and started eating, I really understood what he meant because the food was to die for! One of my favorite things in the world is seeing the culture of other places and of course their cuisine. The Foodie in me was in heaven; from famous Po Boys to even more famous Beignets at Cafe Du Monde, you could basically close your eyes and point to a menu and you wouldn't be disappointed. 

Oyster Po Boy ordered at the advice of our waitress. 


Cafe Du Monde only serves Beignets and coffee and you'll be lucky if you find a seat. 

When booking this trip MK said it was an absolute requirement to stay in a hotel that had the infamous New Orleans balconys. Not only was this hotel beautiful inside and out but the service was fabulous. 

Both of us being photographers, when we saw our balcony we couldn't stop taking photos there.  



That's Bourbon Street right behind us.

Being a dancer my whole life, I often fight the urge to strike a pose. Often times I loose that battle.

Where else can you see a random parade in the middle of the day for absolutely no reason? Here of course! Such an amazing trip and of course I couldn't leave without getting a Bloody Mary!