Faking It Can Be A Good Thing

What am I thinking about on this last day of Winter? My tan of course! There certainly are enough things in life to give us premature wrinkles, don't let tanning beds be one of them. I'm a big advocate of sunless tanning and over the years I've come up with quite a routine. Don't get me wrong, I use to love the tanning bed! Who wouldn't love twenty minutes to take a nice warm nap? But it's hard to relax knowing you could potentially be causing harm to yourself.


My favorite (and I've tested many) is hands down "Fake Bake Original". Put it on before bed, wake up, and shower. Keep reapplying until you reach your ideal tan. Find it here on Amazon: 


Always remember before applying any kind of fake tan to exfoliate then put some lotion on any dry spots (knees, knuckles, elbows). After you have your tan moisturize twice a day.


So let's say you don't like the end result of your tan. Don't panic. All you have to do is put baking soda in your body wash. It will even out your PH and get rid of the tan. 

Happy "Sunning"!