Ciao Bella!

My first time in Italy won't soon be forgotten. This was our first of three stops in such a fabulous country.  The Cinque Terre, Italy is on the coast of the Italian Rivera and has five different villages. We made our way through Monterosso al MareVernazza, Corniglia, and Riomaggiore, only missing 1 of the 5 towns. Always leave something to come back for!

More espressos! Each better than the last!

One of my favorite things that always seemed to happen was when one ordered wine, the most fresh and amazing olives just showed up too. 

The views here never got old. No matter where we ended up it was like I was watching the travel channel.

If there is shopping and good food to be had I'm there, and wouldn't you know we found both! This little market provided some really great purchases including some beautiful scarves!

You know that I've got to rave about the food as well! This was my first experience with a steak tar tare and it was different, unique, and so worth trying. MK opted for a pasta in red sauce and for myself, a garlic seafood dish. The seafood was the perfect thing to get since we were so close to the coast and there is nothing better than fresh seafood!

A fun fact about what became my favorite stop is that they make their own white wine that they do not distribute so you can only get it here. I'm not really a white wine person per-say but this Vino was to die for.  

So when I saw this delicious morsel sitting in the window I obviously stopped. Yes, I did think it was only half of that when I placed my order and no, there were no leftovers. 

I have a feeling we will be returning to this fabulous place again. Until next time Cinque Terre! Cheers!