Must Haves!

Thank you for tuning in to my Closet Week! It's been great sharing my tips with you. I hope that I've helped a little. Also, any advice you would like on organizing or fashion feel free to shoot me a line under "Say Hello". I always welcome questions or feedback! 



To close out this week of fashion and organizing I've made a list of things I feel like every woman should have in her closet. They are : 

 -At least two black blazers. They have the potential of saving any outfit. 

-Denim in light, dark, and an in-between.

-A Black and Tan trench coat. It might feel warmer than winter but let's face it you still need a light coat. 

-Scarves!! In the colors you feel best in. Even when you are feeling crappy throw on all black, a colorful scarf and you'll instantly feel better or at least look a little better. 

Happy Friday!