First of all thanks for stopping by my blog!

Let me tell you a little about myself. Like many girls I grew up loving fashion and all things girly, but I had an added bonus as my Mom is a seamstress by trade, designing and making dance costumes. There was never a lack of feathers, glitter, fur, or rhinestones.  I’ve only been cultivating my love for these things ever since…

I knew from a young age that I wanted to go to go to cosmetology school. After working in a busy salon for a few years, I decided it wasn’t for me. Having the knowledge of what I learned is something I’d never give up. I also met my Husband MK while in “Hair School”. About a year into dating he and I started Contemporary Photography. I now work full time for this company we built. It's been crazy and tiring but very worth it ride. Also, I still do hair and makeup for our company for wedding parties. So I ended up still getting to do my favorite part of that business.


When it comes to food I can say that isn't something I've always been into. But, about ten years ago I really started getting into cooking and baking. Even making a few crazy cakes. I've found a deep love for hosting, cooking, and baking usually with a glass of wine in hand. I love sharing new fancy recipes and have decided to dedicate a little part of this blog to that. 

In November of 2017 MK and I welcomed our first child Theo Shane and are expecting a baby girl this upcoming November. Being a Mom has been a very life changing experience and I'm so thankful for it. It teaches me something new every day.

I also have a Chihuahua named Donatella she sure does think she rules the world but she brings us so much joy. Then there's Perla Blue our very comical Siberian Husky. They make quite a pair and always keep me on my toes.


I have such a passion for so many things in life and love being able to share them with you.  So why "Fast Fashionista"? In short, I'm always on the go and doing everything fast. Having said that my lifestyle blog is a journey of self improvement. Glamour and style.. fast. I want to learn more, become more well rounded and to appreciate the little things. I'll be sharing easy and fast how-to's on making life just a smidge easier and more shiny. Fast, fancy meals, outfit how-to's, and other tips and tricks along the way. All in all effortless chic and a tip of the hat to old school glam.

I am always striving to learn new things and who doesn't want to be the best version of you? It’s all about how to be the most sparkly and chic version of yourself and how to do it fast. And maybe how to throw a party or two. I'm sticking with all of my passions, and doing it quick!

So, if you need fashion advice, beauty tips, fresh new recipes, or photography've come to the right place.


A list of my beliefs:

  1. New shoes and old friends

  2. Self love

  3. Vino

  4. Showing how you feel

  5. Dancing Anywhere

  6. Bright Colors

  7. Glitter, feathers, and glam!

  8. Putting on lipstick, making a drink, and getting over it (thanks Liz Taylor!)

  9. Big hair

  10. Letting your freak flag fly

  11. Coffee when you can't get up and Nyquil when you can't sleep

  12. Saying you're sorry

  13. Not being afraid to not always have the answer

  14. Encouraging others to do well

  15. And most importantly... Love

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My husband and I started Contemporary Photography back in 2011. We love working with beautiful brides, doing glamour shots, and meeting so many new people.

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